Versachalk Classic / Neon Colors - Bold - 5mm (1pc)

Versachalk Classic / Neon Colors - Bold - 5mm (1pc)


(from Versachalk website)

The Premier Brand of Chalk Markers for Professionals
High-quality Versachalk wet erase markers are dust-free and easy to erase. They create sharper lines—perfect for complicated designs. The premium liquid chalk ink from Germany lasts longer and does not cause accidental smudging, so you don’t have to worry about erasures and revamping artwork. Designs done with Versachalk liquid chalk markers emulate the handmade quality of regular chalk while maintaining a clean and polished look.

Versachalk Liquid Chalk Markers versus Ordinary Chalk
✓ NO MESSY CHALK DUST—Liquid chalk ink is dustless—perfect for those prone to allergies, asthma, dust sensitivity, or just anyone tired of breathing in chalk dust!
✓ BRIGHTER LINES—Chalk pens draw smoother and brighter. None of those pale streaks from regular chalk.
✓ WRITE ON ANYTHING—Draw on any non-porous surface, including glass windows, plastic containers, metal serving platters, faux-wood veneer... or even your refrigerator!

The World is Your Chalkboard!
Michelangelo had the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Students and teachers the world over have... the chalkboard. Botticelli had the paintbrush. We have… liquid chalk markers!

The brilliance of having liquid chalk markers in your artist’s toolkit is that you can take them anywhere and use them everywhere (almost*). Why limit yourself?

Decorate wine glasses with swirls and monograms. Draw a calendar on your refrigerator door. Label your mason jars by writing directly on their chalkboard lids. Write or draw on cut-up chalkboard vinyl sheets in different shapes and sizes. Stick them on your choice of container or bric-a-brac. Name your plants by using liquid chalk directly on metal pots or write on chalkboard labels and stick them onto planters.

Place your carwash advertising on a window. Entice diners with mouthwatering menus. Pretend you’re Einstein and solve the world’s problems with diagrams on whiteboards. Exhibit graffiti on a truck (with permission, of course). Recreate the globe by making up your own countries. Decorate your cat’s scratching post. Emulate street artists by sketching hopscotch squares on your driveway. Propose to your girlfriend (or boyfriend) on her/his bedroom wall. Apologize to your parents by scribbling a gigantic SORRY on a windshield. Just make sure it belongs to your car, not theirs! With liquid chalk markers, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to spread your art throughout the world.

* Versachalk liquid chalk markers are easily erasable and smear-free when used on non-porous surfaces, including:

  • chalkboards

  • glass

  • slate

  • vinyl

  • plastic

  • metal

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