Design Process



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Your experience is important to me. Being open and transparent about the expectations will help us get into the project smoothly. Each project is different, and thus, timelines and pricing will also vary. However, rest assured that:

each piece is personal and tailored just for you.


1. Discovery

At the beginning, I'll be requesting you to answer a short survey of your initial requirements. Using your inputs, we'll have a short discovery session where we discuss about them in more detail. We will talk about what you had in mind and the goal you're trying to achieve with the design you are commissioning. This is also where we get to know each other and become more comfortable working with each other. 

2. Proposal

Sample mockup / design for approval

Sample mockup / design for approval

After I review what we have discussed, I will prepare a proposal that I will send to you via email. And when you're ready to proceed and obtain my services, a 50% down payment will be collected depending on the scale and complexity of the project.  This is non-refundable.

3. Design Phase

This is where the fun begins. I will be creating the designs by hand and provide you with drafts and explain my design decisions. We will work together to identify the best way to proceed. We'll iterate a reasonable number of times until the vision is met.

4. Production

For chalk lettering and mural services: I go on site to complete the work.

For digital and print outputs: If there are prints required, this is when the designs are sent to the printer. I may request for 10-20% more at this time to cover for the costs of production. 

5. Completion

For chalk lettering and mural services: I will send the invoice for the remaining 50% after the job has been completed, and payment will be collected within 15 days.

For digital outputs: When you're ready to sign off, the remaining 10-50% will be collected before the final copy is delivered.