watercolor & Acrylic workshop - Jolypoa [CLOSED]

Hi Everyone, my name is joly!

I'm very excited to conduct my first international watercolor and acrylic painting workshop. This will also be a birthday trip for me! I'm excited to explore Singapore and also meet all of you! :) The workshop will be held at the heArtistry studio on September 15-16, 2018.

I am conducting two (plus two on the following day - Thanks for the warm support!) workshops. Yay! Hope you get a slot in the class! :) It usually gets filled up pretty quickly. hihi :)

For this watercolor workshop, we are going to learn how to use a mop brush to create expressive florals. The mop brush is one of my favorite brushes for florals! :) We will be painting roses, leaves, fillers, and imaginary flowers. I will be guiding you on how to translate a reference photo into a painting. We will also be talking about composition, color combinations, and some of my suggested art materials. :)

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[SOLD-OUT] Floral Watercolor using a Mop Brush on September 15, 2018 (11:00am-2:00pm AND 3:00pm-6:00pm)
To give you a brief overview, here are two more workshop dates to choose from:

[Class is full] ACRYLIC BAG PAINTING Workshop

Venue: heArtistry Studio
Date: September 16, 2018 SUNDAY
Time: 11:00 Am-2:00 pm
Fee: 145 SGD

Joly Workshop - Acrylic Bag Painting

Hello guys! I am very excited to conduct my first acrylic bag painting workshop in Singapore! I taught this exact class in Manila and I was so impressed with the bag paintings of all the students. They were all beginners who have never tried painting with acrylic. But the most important thing is that they all enjoyed painting on their own bags. 

For this class, we will learn how to paint five petal flowers, leaves, fillers and of course, Roses! :) 

The acrylic paint and brushes will be provided but you will have to bring your own bag or shoes. I prefer painting on faux leather type of bag or shoes because of the smooth texture.

It will also be easier for you to paint on. You can send me a photo of the bag that you want to paint on so we can check if the texture is good. Just a tip, I found a smooth faux leather bag in Daiso for a good price. Maybe you can find one there too.

Bring your own bag or shoes.

Materials included are:

  • Brush - 2008 6PC/Set high quality Korea importing taklon hair wooden handle art supplie watercolor paint brushes 
  • Pebeo acrylic set
  • Cups and Plate as mixing palette
  • Brown Folder as exercise sheet 

[CLASS IS FULL - Floral Wreath Watercolor Workshop

Venue: heArtistry Studio
Date: September 16, 2018 SUNDAY
Time: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm
Fee: 145 SGD

Joly Workshop - Floral Wreath

One of my favorite things to paint is a floral wreath because you can write love poems or short phrases in the middle. 

My first few workshops in Manila were about painting single layer wreaths. 

This time, I'm teaching you guys the Lush Garden Wreath style! I just coined that term because every time I see that wreath, it reminds me of a garden full of colorful flowers! :) 

We're going to learn how paint roses, hydrangeas, leaves and fillers using my favorite mop brush. I'm also teaching you guys how to form a full-looking wreath. :) 

Materials included are:

  • Art Secret Travel Mop Brush
  • Watercolor paint squeezed in a plastic palette
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Freebie: Travel Brush Pouch with my painting printed on it :) 




I will be raffling off some prizes for the workshop participants! So watch out for that because I will be posting it on my Instagram account.


Full Payment must be made to complete your registration. Kindly settle your payment within 3 business days.
One of the organizers in Singapore, Ryl, will be contacting you regarding this. You may know her as @aquarryl on Instagram :)

about the Artist

Hello! :)

Joly Workshop 1

From Blobs to Blooms

I started painting with watercolor in 2013 but it was in 2014 when I started to paint more frequently. I started with a loooot of blobs! haha I was frustrated because I wanted to paint flowers but it always ended up looking weird. I didn't understand how watercolor worked back then. But I started to practice almost everyday and watched a lot videos. Practice makes progress! All the mistakes that I made were part of my learning journey. The art community on instagram also encouraged me to be better and to appreciate small victories. I hope to teach you guys everything that I learned from the perspective of someone who started as a beginner :)

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Venue: Heartistry Studio

531 Upper Cross Street #03-57
Hong Lim Complex
Singapore 328743

You can see the map and address at their website www.heArtistry.com.sg


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