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let the chalk do the talking

Designate Studio - SumoDog Chalkboard

beautifully-crafted chalkboards that catch the eye

I have dabbled in chalk lettering for a while. While it was not love at first sight, I eventually enjoyed the process a lot. And now I am on a quest to spruce up chalkboards in Singapore (and maybe your shop or city soon!) one shop at a time. 

Hand-lettered chalkboards are growing back in resurgence. They can be used to convey any message for you or your customers.

They can be customized to fit different purposes:

  • Menu items for a coffee shop
  • Featured products for a restaurant
  • Price list for bazaars
  • Wedding signages
  • Announcements for events
  • General signs and decorations
  • ... and many more

Chalkboard Process

I typically begin with a pencil draft on paper or a draft using an iPad. It goes through revisions and client approvals and can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to a week (depending on the agreement and the size of the board). once the design is done, I schedule an on-site chalk lettering with the client, and spend about 2-3 hours on each regular-sized cafe board. My design process details the general things to expect when you engage my services. Of course, you are free to contact me if you have questions, or simply want to chat about your project. 

You can take a peek at the actual on-site lettering process on a chalkboard below.


Chalkboards in the Wild

Sumo Dog

Case Study

I've been frequenting this shop for lunch and sometimes for afternoon snacks. They have really nice hotdogs in buns, and the owners are the best.

I was commissioned to create 2 boards for Sumo Dog, a cafe/restaurant in Lavender. They wanted to promote new offerings in-store: ice-blended drinks and beers. 


File_002 (5).jpeg
Designate Studio - Chalkboards for SumoDog

Kai Sushi and RobaTaYaki

Mye (a fellow lettering artist) and I were walking around Plaza Singapura when we saw this restaurant.

We kindly offered our services to write their specials. There were 4 sides in total, and we each took on 2 boards. 

Our friends swear by the food here. Too bad we were rushing, so we could not try it. For sure there will be a next time.


Other Chalk Work

Designate Studio - Happy Easter Chalkboard
Designate Studio - Specialty Coffee Chalkboard


Designate Studio - Adventure Chalkboard
File_007 (3).jpeg

Hire Me

Each project is unique, and you can be assured that my work is completely customized for you and your vision.  

Before we start, I'd like to hear what you're looking for. Please fill out the form, and I'd love to have a chat with you.

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