Thank You 2018, Next!


It's time for the annual tradition of making resolutions.

But first, let me look back and learn from the past.

At the turn of 2018, I had a lot of goals. I told myself that I needed to up my Instagram game, and reach 10k followers. I told myself to write a blog and to look for clients. I bought new productivity apps and tested new workflows. I was totally looking forward to being productive like everyone in the world.

From being a couch potato to someone making a difference, apparently, all you need is an app for your to-do list and you're good to go.


2018 top 9 posts on instagram @nathanielong

It's definitely more than to-do lists. I missed 80-90% of the goals I set.

In hindsight:

- Were they impossible to achieve? Some, maybe.
- Was I lazy? Err, I'm human.
- Do I have a lot of excuses? Yes.....?
- Will I ever run out of excuses? Probably no.
- But will I at least work around it? Of course!

It's important to plan properly. Going with the flow is equally as important.

I may have missed most of my goals last year. But because of having goals, I managed to survive and do well.

I'm happy to say I'm now legit!

I finally registered Designate Studio as a business in end June 2018. It was like telling the universe that 'I am now ready'. And indeed, the universe was so kind to me this year. After registering the business, opportunities came flowing in the form of:

- #todayatapple Lettering Talk and Live Demo at Apple Orchard Road
- Wall mural at Boulder Movement
- Singapore Writers' Festival workshop
- Chalkboard workshops
- Chalkboard projects for Arteastiq, Little Farms, IMG Group, Marcello, etc.
- Live events for library@orchard and AMEX Centurion (together with my Scribblers Collective fam)

Apart from opportunities, it was also a season of learning, where I attended:
- 3D Lettering workshop by James Lewis
- Sign Painting Workshop by Joby Carter

I have learned so much in the last 6 months alone.

And this is all thanks to that 1 giant leap of registering a business. Sales, marketing, legal, art, talking to people - you name it. I had to learn and deal with everything on my own. It is a walk in a shark tank.

(Shout out to Ryl of Aquarryl Studio, who registered her business around the same time as I did. She also made strides in her business this year! I am so happy for you too!)

I am so glad that I have an awesome support system. Thank you to my family, friends and supporters. I heart you all.

Who knew that a single act can cause a chain reaction of awesome goodness?

One thing really leads into another.

There will always be a lot of challenges and uncertainty. But I always remind myself to trust in the process and be cool with taking risks. So far, this has worked for me.

Six months felt like 2 months. Things were crazy fast. I was tired. So in the last week of December, I just took a long rest and a lot of Netflix. I'm now recharged and ready to face new challenges.

What's in store for 2019?

I do not know, as I have literally nothing ironed out. (It was supposed to be my homework last week.) But I know I'm in good hands.

And as for my resolution this year? I will keep it simple.

Stay consistent.

This is going to be my anchor reminder for the year. As long as I stay consistent in doing the hard work; in showing up; in doing what I need to do; and in sharing what I know, good things will come.

Thank You 2018, Next!