Case Study: Little Farms Tanjong Pagar Menu Boards

Little Farms Tanjong Pagar Menu

If you’re a frequent visitor of Little Farms in the CBD, most likely, you’ve seen one set of boards I did for them. It always feels so surreal seeing my work being used in day-to-day operations/life. And this is no different.

I’m always happy to draw chalkboards for different occasions, but cafes hold a special place in my heart, because I simply love staying in them to do creative work. But enough about me, I’m sure you’re more interested to know the thoughts and the process behind this.

At the end of this case study, there are 2 videos you can watch to see what went down during the 10+ hours of work for this branch.

Work the timeline out.

Most of the time, designs and drafts will be prepared beforehand. I allot a minimum of 2 weeks before the scheduled on-site work to finalize the plan with the client. However, I do make some exceptions on certain occasions. In situations where I accept a rush engagement, I am usually given some creative liberties.

Little Farms has been rapidly expanding across the island and as such, there’s usually a short turnaround time for these chalkboards. However, one good thing about working with bigger companies is that the designs usually conform to a certain look and feel to have a cohesive branding in all of the branches. Because I was previously asked to create for other branches, I have a better idea of what to expect.

Measure, Measure, Measure.

Because I know that there will be 3 boards totaling about 30 sqft, I made sure to bring the right tools for the job. For a larger chalkboard, the challenge is always how to translate the design onto the surface. This is where a ruler/measuring tape, painters tape and level really shine. Because this is a menu, the words from one board must be in line with the words on the other board. Make sure that all the details are measured and marked properly. Count the number of rows and divide the available space equally. This will help make things smoother during the writing process.

design: 2 Menu, 1 Illustrated Specials.

The client (Let’s call him E) preferred that we follow the original design at Valley Point. However, a slightly different border would be best. A simple, no-frills design became the consensus so as not to confuse the customers. Since the location is close to the MRT station, most customers would grab-and-go. I straightforward menu will help them save time. Coffee and tea are separated into 2 boards, while the rotating specials are represented by generic illustrations.

Work it.

With all the planning behind us, it was time to work on the boards. You can see the time-lapse/process videos below. I averaged about 3 hours per board on that fine day.

Little Farms Menu Boards - Tanjong Pagar

Little Farms Illustrated Menu - Tanjong Pagar