Case Study: Floral Chalkboard for AtMastel

When I first stepped in at AtMastel, I was immediately drawn to the space. It has a lovely, glowing vibe, yet there's also a warm calmness harbored by the dim ambiance. You just feel at home in an instant, with the flowers gently whispering across the room. 

AtMastel is a Italian restaurant inspired by traditional homemade food infused with a fresh and modern vibe, located at the very posh South Beach in Singapore. 

AtMastel South Beach - photo taken from  AtMastel website

AtMastel South Beach - photo taken from AtMastel website

Background & Goal

I've always admired it from the outside, and I'm glad when I was contacted by Stephanie to help them spruce up the menu board. The goal was to have a hand-lettered / hand-drawn border for their daily and chef's specials. As they update their specials daily, having a fixed border would help bring emphasis to the menu.


When we discussed, I immediately knew that the inspiration will be drawn from the flowers hanging at the restaurant. It's colorful and playful, yet not over the top. It was a lovely discussion where we went through the goals and the design inspirations over iced tea on a hot afternoon.

The AtMastel team wanted to have a fairly detailed floral illustration running through the edges of the board, and were inspired by the work of Casey Ligon. 

Artist:  Casey Ligon

Artist: Casey Ligon

The chalkboard was a rectangular surface (around 27 sqft). 


Here's the process video, so you can see how my day of drawing went. In total, it took me about 4+ hours to draw on site - from the start to finish. 

Final Thoughts

Drawing on a huge chalkboard means that you always have to consider the big picture, and making sure that the overall design is balanced and cohesive. After creating this for AtMastel, I was sure that I wanted to create bigger works for other clients. 

Chef's Specials
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