The Value of Investing in Yourself and Your Lettering Goals

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When you invest, you are trading something for higher returns. Time is limited, and you need to be able to make the most of what you have. This is the fundamental reason of why you need to invest.

Is it like buying stocks?

Just like investing in the stock market -- You trade some amount of money for shares, which in turn can grow into something more valuable over time. Instead of holding on to your money in a bank where it's relatively safe, you get a chance to do something more with your money. It could end up a waste of time and money, but the potential return is greater.  

Why do you need to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself means taking care of yourself - taking time and effort to build your capabilities. It makes you more confident about you, and it makes you attractive to other people.

It makes you more sought after to handle various projects and responsibilities. Other people will trust you to take care of their needs when they see that you know how to invest in yourself. It reflects on how much effort you're willing to take to provide quality results. 

Think about this: If you're a client and you want something to be done, who would you look for?

How do you invest in yourself?

Is it spending money on your tools and equipment? Is it spending time doing what you love? Or is it something else?

I personally have already spent far too much on pens, papers, and tools for lettering. I feel happy hoarding and sharing my new finds to my friends and creative communities. I can't tell you how much it meant to me during the time I was buying them and using them to create. But is it all there is to invest in myself and my lettering goals? 

You probably already know the answer, but I will say it for clarity. It's not all there is to it. Sure, you need materials to be able to build something. They could be cheap or expensive, it does not matter. You need tools to create. Anyone can have tools, but does it make you an expert?

Beyond that, you need credentials.

To build credentials, you need the following:

Time and Effort

Usually, things take time to materialize and to realize. You may already feel ready, but in reality, you're not. You need time to ripen and get accustomed to working with your lettering goal in mind. 


Knowledge is power. People trust those who have a good background and know what they are doing. By constantly upgrading your skills through reading books and attending courses, you set yourself up for success. Speak with more experienced designers and get feedback from your mentors. Understanding the different tools and techniques, and learning the related fields makes you more capable of delivering.


Practice and work for others. Having experience working in a lot of lettering and design pieces gives you more credibility. By constantly doing, you learn what works and what does not work, and you learn to understand yourself and your work process better. Through hands-on experience, you'll learn how long it takes you to complete a piece of work, and whether you're capable of doing something more. 

It's more for you than for others. 

While it provides you with tons of benefits so you can get more clients, it's really more for you than for anyone else. When things get too comfortable, you get bored. You feel like you're stagnating, and not living up to your expectations. By constantly updating yourself with the latest trends, tips, and tricks, you're able to do things better and faster. You also trigger the release of endorphins when you discover something, or suddenly able to create better work. 

Investing in your skills and yourself makes you a happier person overall.