I Attended Jon Contino's Lettering Course

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I attended Jon's course a few month's back and here are my thoughts about it.

Jon Contino

Jon Contino is one of my lettering idols. I just love his style - it's very down to earth and grungy. You can feel the emotion and the personality in his lettering works. His story is equally inspiring. The creative industry is one tough desert to be in, but he proved that as long as you can be yourself, find your niche, and give it your all, your star will eventually shine. 

If you don't know him, shame on you! No, I'm just kidding! But really, if you are into lettering, look into his works.

jon contino works.jpg

Even if it is not your style, it's always good to know and understand different how different styles and designs work so you can improve. 

Attending Contino Workshop

So when a friend was interested to register for the first Contino Workshop (yep, the second edition is currently running and registration is open for the next one), I was like, 'What? Last week of registration?!' I was totally living under a rock. I decided to fork out US$350 as an investment for myself and to learn from one of the best in the industry.

The course is for a total of 6-weeks, where you get to watch pre-recorded videos of all the lessons from the basics of type and how to draw letters, to finding inspiration and how to apply it to your own work. He shares his thoughts and explains the pitfalls to avoid.

What's Different?

Personal feedback. You heard that right! Most of the online courses I've seen do not include personal interaction with the instructor. For this workshop, there are weekly assignments and you can send your work to him for critiques. He's a real human! He replies to you! He's very detailed with his comments and tailors it to your skill level. He even goes beyond to draw over your work to show you what he meant - and that is what I call going over and beyond what a usual online learning is! Below is a sample:

jon contino - feedback.jpg

It made me realize how important real and professional feedback is to my personal growth. 

There's also a private Slack group that you get to be part of where you can discuss and share with fellow students. That's the main form of communication for everyone taking the course, and where you can get feedback from Jon. 

Finally, there's a live streaming video at the end of the course where Jon answers all sorts of questions from design to business.

Final Thoughts and a Shameless Plug

If you can make time and do everything, and be diligent with submitting the weekly assignments, the course is totally worth it. I'd even say that it's offered at a bargain for what you're getting for. 

The course was so worth it. The only 'regret' I had was not doing more practice during that time because of my busy schedule. I really appreciated that Jon was available for feedback during the course and that helped me a lot. Jon is a cool guy, especially if you get to talk to him.

I learned a lot during the 6 weeks, and the good thing is, I can always go back to review the lessons in my spare time.

So, here's the shameless plug! I'm selling a limited run poster I did as a result of this course which can be purchased from my shop at a further discount by entering the code SHAMELESSPLUG (SRP: US$20, currently discounted to US$18, and if the code is applied, US$15 - Whoa, that's a total of 25% off!). It's numbered and signed at the back. This offer is only valid until October 31, 2017. If you're interested to buy more than one, you can send me a message and I will arrange something for you. :)

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I can't wait to receive my certificate of completion and lapel pin from Jon!  He shared it on his Instagram recently.

So if you're up for it, sign up for his workshop. I am one happy student :)

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