Attended (my first) Google Hangouts with Lettering Artists

Attended my First Google Hangouts with Lettering Artists
Attended my First Google Hangouts with Lettering Artists

If you have not known yet, I've been part of the Seanwes community for almost a year now. Through that community, I've met a lot of amazing people and learned a lot of things about lettering and business.

As an introvert, I am constantly struggling with going to meetups and approaching people. And it's the same thing with the community. I would just lurk around and watch other people interact with each other in the chat.

Eventually, I learned to open up and speak up. And that's where I started finding myself and my voice. A community is only good if there is trust, respect, and openness to share and help each other. And that's what I got from it. I found people who truly want to help, who are not afraid to ask the difficult questions, and who tread where casual acquaintances would avoid. It's a very supportive group of people who only have your best interests in mind. I've always felt secure discussing my struggles and my successes with the community, and have never felt any negative vibe.

It's also a truly global group that I find myself interacting with people from Los Angeles to New York to Cancun to London to Manila, among others. It's been a while when I got to be part of the lettering group, and so we decided to have a Hangouts yesterday. I was scared and excited at the same time. It was my first experience being in a Hangouts with people I've never met before except through chat.

It turned out to be a blast! It's basically like the chat, but better! We got to see each other and talk in real time finding out more about our passions, finding our niche in the lettering world and everything in between. It was an eye-opening experience that was full of value. Even though it was a short call, it gave me new perspectives on life, work, and on my goals. Sometimes, just being in the presence of like-minded people is already enough to give you the right push, and that's what exactly happened to me. I suddenly had ideas that I wanted to pursue, just hearing from their thoughts and experiences.

They say you are the average of the 5 people you are always with. And I hope to spend more time with people who are driven towards their passion like these guys.

Thanks for an amazing hangout @chuckchai, @jenny, and @renataplara!

I'm totally excited for the next one, and looking forward to meeting and hanging out with the other members!