Process Behind the Hustle Wallpaper and Free Download (PC and Phone)


This week, I want to share with you some insights on the high-level process for my recent wallpaper.

Hustle is a word that gets thrown quite a lot in the past 2 years. It may be overused, but I still believe in the power of the word. So when people ask you if you are on your way to following your dreams or whether you're doing something at the moment, what's the one word that comes to mind? It could be 'busy' but it doesn't sound as powerful as how the word hustle has transformed. The way I interpret it, it encompasses everything from the beginning to the end - that is, your vision, the struggles, and the end-result. So I felt that it summarized what most of us are doing on a daily basis en route to our goals.

Everything starts with a thumbnail. To the left, you can see some small-scale sketches with a brush pen.

The word hustle is full of action. It is bold and powerful. It is rough around the edges, yet at the same time, conveys finesse. So I naturally gravitated towards a script style. I decided to focus on a brush writing where I can introduce some texture and at the same time evoke a powerful yet consistent flow. From the thumbnails, I selected the parts that I felt were good elements and slowly combined them into a single coherent piece.

There are a lot more of those loose sheets where I practice writing them in a bigger form. When I was ready to commit, I got a rough kraft paper and the Zig No. 22 brush to write the word down. I really like how the textures turned out.


When I was satisfied, of course, I took a photo :)

Then I went to scan it and send it over to Photoshop for some magic work. (I'll briefly describe it here. But let me know if you want a more detailed walkthrough of the process.)

To lift the words and remove the Kraft paper, I did a color lookup and pasted it on another layer. Then I applied some levels, less brightness, and more contrast to make the word pop. At this point, it is still black and white. I gradually introduced some colors by making the background darker and making the Hustle slightly neon in color.


Hustle Wallpaper 2880x1800
Hustle Wallpaper 2880x1800

You can download it here. I am offering this as a free download for everyone.

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