Finding Inspiration in Everyday Things


The past weeks, I was in a creative slump. I don't know what to write. My inspiration dried up. Even when I had something to letter or to draw, I find that nothing really pops. Despite that, I knew I just needed to keep at it, and things will eventually turn up.

And it did.

One day, I was listening to Spotify while working, and I suddenly got a nudge to pick up my pen from some invisible creative fairy. Before I knew it, I had a draft for a lyric lettering of Versace on the Floor. Then it went on for a couple of days. I became so inspired that I wanted to do everything all at once.

Versace on the Floor Lettering - nathanielong
Versace on the Floor Lettering - nathanielong

Sometimes, even the smallest things provide an inspiration. No matter how mundane. One weekend, as we were preparing to go to lunch, I decided to stop by the basement and check for mail. As usual, there were a lot of useless mail. I took everything that had names and threw away the rest. When I went back to sort the mail, I saw an Ikea brochure. I opened it to rip the address before throwing it when the page flipped and the blue door caught my eye. At that instant, I took my Sharpie and wrote on it. It didn't even take 15 mins to complete, but it became my most successful Instagram post to date.

Make Your Own Magic - nathanielong
Make Your Own Magic - nathanielong

I only have these 2 examples, but as you may notice, all it takes to find inspiration is to use your 5 (or 6 senses?).

Listen. Listen to the sounds around you. Listen to the words your friends say. Listen to your heart.

Feel. Feel the rhythm of your heart and reminisce your first love or your recent heartache.

Smell. Smell the flowers, the aromatic coffee or the memories of your youth.

Taste. Taste the freshness of the fruits or the bitterness of pain.

See. It's amazing how one thing could lead to the other if you just open your eyes. See through the different things around you and in your life. Some things may not make sense now, but there must be something that catches your eye.

Be aware. Be present. Inspiration can strike anytime, and anywhere.