[Video] Speed Lettering (Pencil to Ink) - Happy Valentines


There are many ways to begin and end your lettering process. Normally it all starts with some thumbnails, then some pencil drafts, and some more drafts before the final inking stage.

I wanted to create something for Valentine's Day (or what I'd like to celebrate as Singles Day) since it is coming soon. So for this video, I wanted to show you how I normally create my lettering pieces for my daily lettering and those that I share on social media. The goal is to create a workable draft that I can refine in Illustrator.

Here are the thumbnails I did, and I was happy with how the last one turned out, so I decided to go for that for this piece. I drew a circle using the compass to define the bounds of the heart shape, then slowly and thinly sketched the letters. After marking the positions of each letter, I added contrast by making some lines thicker. And when I was happy with the pencil draft, I inked the piece slowly. Finally, I erased the pencil marks and added a few more accents to make the lettering more balanced.

Without further ado, here's the 6-minute speed lettering video. Hope you enjoy it!