Lettering Tools for Every Day Carry


Wherever I go, I always bring a set of pens with me. Here are the list of pens that I bring with my in my every day carry bag. There are days when I bring less, but generally, these are the things that I bring so that I can do lettering on the go. Urban Sketch - Lettering Tools - @nathanielong

Lamy Safari EF

This is my go-to pen for everyday use. I use it to take down notes, write to-do-lists, sign sheets, and practice lettering strokes. This is a refillable fountain pen that can be used with a variety of ink colors. Currently, I am using it with Platinum Carbon Ink. I usually do not leave home without this in my pocket.

Duke Fountain Pen (Music/Fude Nib)

The Duke fountain pen is a more recent purchase on Ebay. Since I am starting to venture into urban sketching, I looked out for fountain pens that I can use that gave broad strokes and a consistent ink flow, and that's how I found about this pen.

I find that this pen is really nice to write with, even on normal days. So I usually bring this, along with the Lamy Safari in my pocket every day.

The sketch of the pens above was drawn using the Duke fountain pen, with Platinum Carbon ink.

Sketchnotes using Micron and Pentel Touch - @nathanielong

Pentel Touch Pen (Orange)

The Pentel Touch pen is one of the first brush pens that I have. I use it to highlight text, or make borders and ornaments in my sketchnotes. The Pentel Touch pen has a flexible tip that can be used to write thin and thick strokes for calligraphy.

Staedtler Lead Holder

Most of my sketches and lettering start out as pencil marks. While I am able to use any pencil for that purpose, I like to keep my trusty lead holder with a 2.0 mm lead handy.

Pentel Click Eraser

This is a simple retractable eraser that can be used to clean small and precise areas.

Stippling - Doughnut Art - @nathanielong

Sakura Pigma Micron 005 (0.2mm)

The Micron is a must-have for lettering artists. It is based on archival ink (waterproof, fade-proof). I use this size for fine strokes and for detailed line work.

There are also other brands that I use - Uni Pin and Copic Multiliner. However, for this size, I find that Microns have better ink flow.

The Doughnut stippling was done using a Micron 005.

Uni Pin 0.5

This size is also a must-have in the lettering tool kit. Like the Micron, the Uni Pin ink is also water and fade proof. I use this size for thicker strokes, and to color in shapes. There are a range of different sizes. However, if there is only a room for 2 pens, I would definitely get the 005 and the 0.5 sizes.

Sharpie Fine Point (Black)

Sharpie is probably one of the most ubiquitous permanent markers out there. I use Sharpie whenever I need to write on other types of surfaces - like wood and plastic. The ink is quite thick, and it may bleed through thin paper and materials.

Uniball Signo (White Gel Pen)

The white Uniball Signo is a nice addition to my kit. I use this whenever I want to highlight or make some letters pop out.

Halong Bay Sketch - @nathanielong

Pentel Aquash

The Pentel Aquash is a brush pen with water inside (instead of ink). I use this a lot when doing brush lettering. It is always in my bag if I am carrying watercolor. The strokes from the nylon tip are very consistent, and the tip is fine enough to draw on a smaller surface.

The Halong Bay sketch was done using the Pentel Aquash and Peerless Watercolor.

Kuretake Brush Pen No.22 (Black)

Finally, the Kuretake Brush No. 22 is a very reliable brush pen that draws broad strokes. The ink is waterproof and can be used in combination with watercolor. I use this for brush lettering.



Do you have some lettering tools that you really like using? Share them with me on the comments.

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