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Nathaniel Ong Profile

I am Nathaniel Ong and I am the guy behind the brand Designate Studio. For many years, I have worked in the IT industry that pays for my bills, one that I am grateful for but is not something I want to be doing forever.

Finding your place in this crowded world is no easy task. For a long time, I have struggled to carve out a path for myself. I always push myself out of my comfort zone, and this is how I grow. As I continue to venture into my creative journey, I am always learning new things and trying out different ways of doing things.

The road to success is not easy. Through the years of pursuing my dream, I have failed and made some mistakes. As I continue to explore and perfect my craft, I have made it a goal to help other people who are struggling to find their voice and eventually follow their creative passion.

And this is where my newsletter is aimed at.

The road to discovery may take months or even years. As it was for me, there were mentors and kind souls who nudged me to the right direction. And I hope to be that person for you.

This place is where I share my learnings, so you don't have to make the same mistakes. This place is where you can learn how to use lettering to share your message, and find insights into supporting your goals.



“Professional, creative and intuitive in melding my ideas with his to arrive at a logo that meets the requirements ant that makes design sense"  — Neriza, Zazu's Sweet Theory


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